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February Favourites.

I hope you all had a wonderful February!
Here are a few items and products that I have been loving through out the month.

English Tea Shop, Slim Me Tea

"Invigorating organic green tea, known for its slimming properties; ginseng and acai berry are gently spiced with organic ginger and cinnamon to bring you this lovely healthy infusion."
To be honest I mostly bought this tea because the colours were super pretty (packaging done right!) But I also got it because it pretty much had all my favourite tea flavours in it. After my tea collection post you should all know that I have a very deep love for green tea, so anything with that and it will always be delicious. It also claims that it may help to "slim me" and wouldn't we all love some help with that.

English Tea Shop, Energise Me Tea

"Enliven your spirits with our energising blend or organic ginseng, blackberry leaves, nettle leaves with aromatic lemongrass, spearmint and peppermint, in harmony with subtle undertones of organic Elder flower, ginger and cinnamon."
There are some insane describing words going on with these teas. A tea that promises to energise me without the use of caffeine? yes please! The combination sounded delicious and I can confirm it also tastes delicious.

Mayvers, Original Super Spread

Anything called super has to be good right? Mayvers spreads have been an obsession for me for a little while now after trying their peanut and cacao spread, then their peanut coconut spread. I have heard a lot about their super spreads and finally bought one to give it a try and I have fallen in love!  It is an absolutely delectable combination of cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, chia seeds and sesame seeds. There is no added salt, oil or sugar and absolutely nothing artificial. It is dairy, gluten and animal product free, And the best part is you can re-use the jar after its finished! (I swear i'm a hoarder when it comes to jars). I use it on toast, on banana or on my porridge/oatmeal.

(This photo is edited so bad and i'm so sorry haha)

Original Source, Vanilla and Raspberry Shower Gel

The is one of the best shower gels I have ever used! It is packed with 100% natural fragrance, it is not tested on animals and is vegan! It smells sweet and delicious and makes my skin feel soft and smell amazing.
 "We've waited 82 British Sunrises for these raspberries to ripen before we squeezed them with vanilla into this bottle" (what it says on the back of the bottle). Sounds pretty good though right?

Nutrimetics, Illuminating Stick

The product is a shimmering pearlescent cream stick used to illuminate and spotlight your skin and create a gorgeous dewy effect. I have been loving this product so much through out February, its perfect for highlighting your brow and cheek bones, your cupids bow and the inner corners of your eyes. You can use a brush or I prefer to just use my fingers. Its literally so pretty, and lasts all day long, I adore this product so much.

Nutrimetics, Lip Liner

I have the Nutrimetics Perfecting lip pencil in the shade, Pomegranate Grenade. In February the weather got super hot so wearing heavy makeup and lip colour was definitely not appealing. So instead I opted for my lip liner to line and fill my lips. The colour is super natural and stays on my lips all day. I only own one of Nutrimetics lip pencils but I will definitely buy some more, they are a quick and easy alternative to sticky, messy lipstick.

Rimmel London, Nail Varnish

I have had this nail varnish for quite some time now, but only just re discovered it. The colour is "058 Lemon Drop" and according to the bottle has a fruity scent when dry... To be honest I did not notice any fruity sweet scent after painting my nails, maybe its because its old. The varnish is a really cute pale yellow colour and lasted ages on my nails without chipping!

Kmart, Citrus Juicer

I bought this quite recently (for $2) after purchasing a large amount of oranges and grape fruits. Its so practical, you juice the fruit and the juice goes straight into the glass jar part at the bottom, too easy! Then you just pour it out and enjoy! (After all the hard work actually juicing the fruit).

Kmart, Candle

I'm pretty sure this candle cost me $3 (so cheap ahh), it is Jasmine, Ginger and Sandalwood. I mostly bought it because it was in a super cute, dainty looking tin, obviously I also purchased it because it smelt nice otherwise that would have been a bit of a waste of money (could have bought chocolate instead damn). To me it smells very summery, so the last month of summer seemed like the perfect time to start burning it.


Oh my god how amazing is Hoziers voice?! I have been obsessed with his whole album for ages now, my favourites off the album are "Take me to Church" (Click here to see my cover), "Work Song", "Angel of small death and the Codeine scene" and "Like real people do".

Sia, 1000 Forms of Fear

I have also been loving Sia Furler's whole album, her music is so different and her voice is so addictive. My favourites off the album have been "Eye of the Needle", "Elastic Heart" (cover coming soon!) and "Dressed in Black".

Iggy Azalea (ft. Jennifer Hudson), Trouble

I have been listening to this song on repeat for days now, Since I first heard it on the radio. It just makes me want to dance and sing along, When the song starts I would never guess that it would be an Iggy song.

Instagram Diary, February 2015.

(Pictures not in order)

Here is a little look at what my month has looked like.

February consisted  of haircuts, parties, adventures, cooking, lunch dates, beach trips and the Clipsal 500 (blog post with photos coming soon!)

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Video: Take Me To Church.

I have been obsessed with Hozier for ages now! And I have been in love with this song, well before it was so popular! I never thought this song would get the recognition that it has, with such confronting lyrics and music video. It is a dark yet beautiful song. I really hope you like my cover of it!

If you are wanting to know what the song is all about, Watch this video where Hozier himself talks all about it. I found it very interesting so I definitely recommend you watch it.

Also here is the music video for "Take Me To Church"


Woohoo we graduated! 
(Not from High School, if that's what you were thinking)

On Friday The 13th of February I attended the Marden Senior College (and open access college) Graduation ceremony and attained my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

We started the year with a positive mindset and what seemed like a massive class but when it came to the ceremony it was only me and Emily attending to receive our certificates (We weren't the only ones to finish, just the only ones at the ceremony).

I am incredibly proud of myself for completing the course, there were moments towards the end where I thought I may have to come back this year to finish, but I decided to just give it my all and push through the stress and struggle and get it done.

The day I handed in my last assignment and was told by my teachers that I was officially done, felt surreal. After a fair amount of units and over 200 hours of work placement I was finally finished.

The next step was to then of course enroll for the diploma for Early Childhood Education and Care at Tafe SA. Which I did do, but was not accepted. 

Causing me to be stuck in some sort of life limbo where I am not studying and have no real interest anymore in furthering my childcare career so instead am having to look for work.
But that's a bit off topic. So i'm just going to celebrate the fact I got through last year and came out smiling (more often than not).

Here is my Certificate and the Graduation schedule.

Top: Cotton On
Skirt: Paper Scissors (filter makes it look more orange, its really bright yellow)
Shoes: Kmart (Can sort of see them in top picture)

Its still Pancake Day in Hawaii though, right?

Yes, I do realise I am a day late (In Australia at least). However yesterday I couldn't quite find the time to make a small batch of pancakes, so instead I made some this morning! (and took way too many photos, no regrets)

I usually make slightly healthier pancakes, with banana and egg but today I made proper fluffy, delicious pancakes. (Treat yo'self!)

Look at them! Heaven! 

Here was my ingredients:

1/2 cup Gluten free flour
2 tsp Baking Powder
1/3 cup Soy Milk
1 tsp Melted Butter
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 Egg
2  tsp CSR Smart Sugar

To Top:

2 Bananas
Pure 100% Maple Syrup

So fluffy and delicious!


 Today I met up in the city with my friend Emily, after her orthodontist appointment (she got her plates out yay!). After a brief browse through Rundle Mall we set out in search for a nice cafe to get a drink and maybe some food at. 

We had originally decided to go to a place called Bambi's Kitchen (Mostly because it sounds adorable) but when we got there (after about 15 minutes of solid walking) It was super busy and crowded. There were no tables available so we decided to find somewhere else. However we will go back to Bambi's Kitchen for a coffee/hot chocolate another time.

Now came the challenge of finding another place without having to walk for ages! I whipped out my phone, went straight onto Google maps and searched for nearby cafes, It said that a cafe called Munooshi was just around the corner so we figured we may as well check it out.

And I am so glad we did! The first thing I noticed when we walked in there was the chalk board sign underneath the bench where the register was, that was advertising their fresh juices (Absolutely had to get one) and their counter display full of fresh fruits and vegetables! So enticing!. I also have to mention how incredibly friendly and helpful the staff there are!

The cafe is located at 36 East Terrace, Adelaide. It is a secluded little cafe with a middle eastern theme.

We sat outside, where they had a cute little garden around the side of the cafe with tables and plants and a red feature wall. Each table had a cute little (artificial) succulent.

I got the cc citrus juice (orange, carrot & lemon) and it was seriously one of the best fresh juices I have ever had! And Emily had the tropical juice.

To eat, we shared a falafel salad plate with some chicken as well, It was delicious (and extremely affordable!). The falafel had a little bite to it, and went perfectly with the olives and the hummus/tahini type mayonnaise served on the side. The salad was fresh, filling and just delicious!

The juice was so damn photogenic! (And as you can see we demolished that meal!)

Hat: Supre
Top: Cotton On
Skirt: American Apparel (most expensive item of clothing I own)
Boots: Rubi
Bracelet: Fifth Avenue
Sunnies: Kmart

Not just another Saturday?

I hope you all had a bloody fantastic Valentines day! Whether you spent it spoiling your other half, your family, friends, yourself or all of the above. 
Especially yourself!, go out and get yourself some pretty flowers, chocolate or your favourite ice-cream, you deserve it!

In the morning I thought it would be a cute idea to bake a heart shaped banana bread, as I received a heart cake mold a few Christmases ago and this was the first time I have actually used it. I have to say it was one of the best banana breads I have baked (I think I say this every time) It was pretty good though, and the fact its in a cute heart shape makes it taste a little better I think.

My boyfriend and I originally planned to go out somewhere for lunch, But couldn't decide on a place (that was both nice and affordable) so instead we went to the supermarket and got some stuff and Callan cooked us a delicious dinner of, pork, green beans (under the meat), roasted carrots (they look like sausages but I swear they are carrots) , roasted tomato, basil and the best damn tomato sauce type thing ever! (seriously it was freaking delicious!)

After dinner we went for a walk on the beach, there was lots of people there as the weather was finally cooling down after the something like 40° day (Yay Australian summer! *sarcasm*) 

We had actually agreed on no gifts. Just a card each, However I ended up with six heart shaped helium filled foil balloons. Such a cute surprise, I am incredibly blessed.