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➳ August Favourites.

We have finally made it to the official end of winter (In Australia) yay! I am so ready for spring and way too excited! If you couldn't already tell Spring is my absolute favourite season, everything about it is perfect. The flowers, new beginnings, warmer weather (but not painfully hot), cute clothes and the list goes on (Including my up and coming 18th birthday).

I really hope you all had a fantastic month (Let me know if you did!). 

Here are some things I loved throughout the month of August.

Kmart Ceramic Canister
Since pretty much everything I buy for my room is white I thought this canister would be the perfect way of injecting some colour. And since yellow is my favourite colour, its perfect really (and especially perfect for spring). Even better because it only cost me $5!

Kmart Ceramic Cactus.
Considering no real live plants can survive in my room due to lack of sunlight, this super cute ceramic pink cactus was the ideal purchase! For only $7 can you really go wrong? I am expecting this cactus to be featuring in many Instagram photos (follow me yo @nicole_e_heath).

Reject Shop Ceramic Mason Jar Mug.
This was a complete impulse buy as it was half price, and reduced to clear (approximately $2) I just thought that it would be perfect to use as a flower vase.

Luna & Luxe Candle.
I bought this candle at the "That dapper Market" (I did a separate blog post on it) from the Luna & Luxe stall for $8, it is lily and Bamboo scented and it smells so fresh and perfect for spring! All Luna & Luxe candles are hand poured soy candles made in Australia.

Reject Shop Weekly Planner.
In an attempt to try and get my life sorted I picked up this weekly planner from The Reject Shop for about $2 (bargain). It has an incredibly cute design and just enough writing space for each day.

Phone Tripod.
I bought this on Ebay for less than $5, because as I don't own a camera I use my phone camera for all my blog photos, etc. And having a mini tripod just makes it soooo much easier.

Le Beauty Nail Varnish.
I have been loving having this colour on my nails the last couple of weeks, its perfect for someone who wants a dark nail colour but doesn't want to go as far as black nail varnish.

UMU Eyelash Curler.
I bought this eyelash curler from Kmart for only $8 and it is seriously the BEST eyelash curler I have ever used (and trust me I've tried a few). The silicon pads are super soft and don't damage easily (like some other curlers) and they also give you two replacement ones! I suppose it also helps that it is quite colourful. 

Blending Sponge.
Cant afford a beauty blender? Kmart has you sorted! I picked up this one for about $2! It works just how I would expect a beauty blender to work. (Sorry it looks kinda gross in the picture).

Higher Living Tea.
The tea combines two of my favourite things, Green Tea and coconut. Therefore if you like green tea and you like coconut you will love this!

Cotton On Fedora.
I do love a good hat, and this one is perfect. I already own a plain black fedora so when I saw this dusty grey coloured one (for half price) I just had to get it. It fits perfectly on my head and only cost me $10.

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➳ Instagram Diary, August 2015.

Food, flowers and selfies.

more food, plants and throwback photos of the beach.

even more food, baths, and a trip to the beach.

Yep you guessed it more food, flowers, succulents and a selfie.

I don't think I even need to caption this one. Food, flowers, selfies. (so predictable)

Anyway you should totally follow me on Instagram if your aren't already!

(August Faves going up very soon!)

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➳ That Dapper Market.

Hey! Hope you are having a lovely day/night. 

Last Sunday me and Callan went along to the "That Dapper Market". It is an Adelaide vintage and design market that will be popping up every couple of months.

I did initially intend to take tons of photos, however (please tell me i'm not the only one) when it comes to the time to actually take the photos I get easily put off by people staring or looking at me weird (I assume they are judging me) and I end up feeling incredibly self conscious (more than usual) and then feeling disappointed in myself after for not getting all the shots I would have liked to. 

I am however getting better in this situation and trying not to overthink things (trying not to assume everybody is judging me) because in most cases nobody really cares. 

Anyway I really hope you like the small amount of photos I did manage to take.

Finally the time we were all waiting for... food time (well it was the time I was waiting for). From Sweet Nectar raw and whole food desserts we got one of their Ferrero Rocher slices and it was delicious as well as being gluten free, vegan, and refined sugar free! We also got two donuts from Happy Maple (one of the main reasons I wanted to attend the market) I chose maple "Chicken" (obviously not actual chicken) and berry blue. The donuts were also Gluten free and vegan! and lets not forget to mention just how freaking delicious they were! (ughh food porn).

I also purchased a candle from Luna & Luxe and a ring from The vintage Fox, I promise they will feature in future blog posts! (probably my August favourites).

The ring is absolutely gorgeous, but me being me I managed to break it only minutes after purchasing. But thankfully Callan being the amazing boyfriend he is, took the ring with him and fixed it and brought it back to me (he's a keeper) . So much Love. 


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➳ Polyvore Spring Outfit Inspiration, Denim & Stripes.

Cherry blossom.

Denim skirts are an absolute spring and summer wardrobe staple in my opinion! And this style of denim skirt is so cute and incredibly flattering.
Glamorous white top
17 AUD - glamorous.com

Boohoo denim skirt
36 AUD - boohoo.com

KYMA tan sandals
150 AUD - calypsostbarth.com


I love the neckline on this top! I also love the jeans and I am curious as to whether this style would suit me.
Topshop petite top
26 AUD - topshop.com

Vetements blue jeans

Dr. Martens black shoes
165 AUD - yoox.com

Laura Cole silk flower
69 AUD - bluefly.com

You'll find me among the wild flowers.

I am on a desperate hunt for some basic tan sandals (preferably comfortable too) and a denim pinafore dress.
Topshop petite dress
68 AUD - topshop.com

Glamorous white crop top
17 AUD - glamorous.com

Gladiator sandals
40 AUD - mooreaseal.com

Topshop floppy hat
71 AUD - nordstrom.com

Fake flower
11 AUD - amazon.co.uk


I want this shirt dress so bad (or one similar) ! and I cannot express my endless love for bralettes and hats. 
Topshop shirt dress
105 AUD - topshop.com

Curriculum Vitae white lingerie
105 AUD - journelle.com

White shoes
38 AUD - shein.com

Rag bone floppy hat

Artificial tree
110 AUD - target.com

Spring Beauty.

Stripes, sandals and overalls. What more could you want.
Topshop navy shirt
36 AUD - topshop.com

Topshop romper
81 AUD - topshop.com

Steve Madden steve-madden shoes
81 AUD - lordandtaylor.com

Flower stem
4.27 AUD - ikea.com

As you can probably tell I am pretty keen for spring (My absolute all time favourite season).
I will be doing quite a few Polyvore outfit inspo posts in the future as I really love making them. Hope you enjoy looking at them! Also if you have a Polyvore account feel free to follow me if you would like! I will happily follow back! xx